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Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
327233¢ Year of the Hare (pane of 20)01/05/99
327333¢ Malcolm X (self-adhesive, pane of 20)01/20/99
327433¢ Victorian Love (die-cut, self-adhesive)01/28/99
327555¢ Victorian Love (die-cut, self-adhesive) 01/28/99
327633¢ Hospice Care (self-adhesive, pane of 20)02/09/99
318633¢ Celebrate the Century - 1940s (pane of 15)02/18/99
 a   WWII
b   Antibiotics Save Lives
c   Jackie Robinson
d   President Harry S. Truman
e   Women Support War Effort
f   Television Entertains America
g   Jitterbug dance craze
h   Abstract Expressionism
i   GI Bill 1944
j   Big Band Sound
k   Architecture, International Style
l   Baby Boom
m   Slinky toy craze
n   Broadway Hit "A Streetcar Named Desire", 1947
o   "Citizen Kane", 1941
327733¢ Flag Over City, sheet format (water-activated)02/25/99
327833¢ Flag Over City (self-adhesive pane, serpentine die cut 11.1)02/25/99
 3278a   pane of four from booklet of 15
3278b   pane of five plus label from booklet of 15
3278c   pane of six from booklet of 15
3278d   pane of 10
3278e   pane of 20 (convertible booklet)
327933¢ Flag Over City (self-adhesive stamp from booklet of 20, serpentine die cut 9.8)02/25/99
 3279a   pane of ten from booklet of 20
328033¢ Flag Over City, coil format (water-activated)02/25/99
328133¢ Flag Over City, coil format (self-adhesive, square corners)02/25/99
 3281b   large date
328233¢ Flag Over City, coil format (self-adhesive, rounded corners)02/25/99
328633¢ Irish Immigration to America, joint issue w/Ireland (pane of 20)02/26/99
328733¢ Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne (pane of 20)03/02/99
3288-329233¢ Arctic Animals, 5 designs, hare, fox, snowy owl, polar bear, gray wolf (pane of 15)03/12/99
 3292a   strip of five
328333¢ Flag over Chalkboard (self-adhesive, from ATM booklet of 18)03/13/99
 3283a   ATM pane of 18
329333¢ Sonoran Desert, 10 diff. designs in new "Nature of America" series (self-adhesive, pane of 10)04/06/99
 a   Cactus wren, brittlebush, teddy bear cholla
b   Desert tortoise
c   White-winged dove, prickly pear
d   Gambel quail
e   Saguaro cactus
f   Desert mule deer
g   Desert cottontail, hedgehog cactus
h   Gila monster
i   Rattlesnake, cactus mouse
j   Gila woodpecker
329433¢ Blueberry, Four Fruit Berries pane of 20, die cut 11.2x11.7 (self-adhesive)04/10/99
329533¢ Raspberry, Four Fruit Berries pane of 20, die cut 11.2x11.7 (self-adhesive)04/10/99
329633¢ Strawberry, Four Fruit Berries pane of 20, die cut 11.2x11.7 (self-adhesive)04/10/99
329733¢ Blackberry, Four Fruit Berries pane of 20, die cut 11.2x11.7 (self-adhesive)04/10/99
 3297a   Booklet Pane of 20 + label
329833¢ Blueberry, from booklet of 15, die cut 9.5x10 (self-adhesive)04/10/99
329933¢ Strawberry, from booklet of 15, die cut 9.5x10 (self-adhesive)04/10/99
330033¢ Raspberry, from booklet of 15, die cut 9.5x10 (self-adhesive)04/10/99
330133¢ Blackberry, from booklet of 15, die cut 9.5x10 (self-adhesive)04/10/99
BK276A33¢ Fruit Berries, Booklet of 15, die cut 9.5x10 (self-adhesive)04/10/99
 3301a   Booklet Pane of 15, 4 each of #3298-3300, 3 of #3301
330233¢ Blueberry, coil, die cut 8.5 vertically (self-adhesive)04/10/99
330333¢ Raspberry, coil, die cut 8.5 vertically (self-adhesive)04/10/99
330433¢ Blackberry, coil, die cut 8.5 vertically (self-adhesive)04/10/99
330533¢ Strawberry, coil, die cut 8.5 vertically (self-adhesive)04/10/99
330633¢ Daffy Duck pane of 10 (self-adhesive, die cutting does not extend through backing paper)04/16/99
 a   single stamp
b   pane of 9
c   pane of 1
330733¢ Daffy Duck pane of 10 (self-adhesive, die cutting extends through backing paper)04/16/99
 a   single stamp
b   pane of 9
c   pane of 1 (imperforate)
330833¢ Ayn Rand (pane of 20) in the Literary Arts series04/22/99
330933¢ Cinco de Mayo (self-adhesive)04/27/99
3310-333¢ Tropical Flowers, 4 diff. (pane of 20, self-adhesive)05/01/99
 3313a   block of 4
3313b   booklet pane of 5 blocks
C13348¢ Niagara Falls (Scenic American Landmarks Series)05/12/99
331433¢ John & William Bartram05/18/99
318733¢ Celebrate the Century - 1950s (pane of 15) 05/26/99
 a   Victory over Polio
b   Teen Fashion
c   Shot heard 'round the world, 1951 playoffs
d   Launching Satellites
e   Korean War
f   School Desegregation
g   Tail Fins & Chrome
h   Dr. Seuss
i   Drive-in Movies
j   World Series Rivals
k   Rocky Marciano
l   "I Love Lucy"
m   Rock'n'Roll
n   Stock Car Racing
o   3-D Movies
331533¢ Prostate Cancer Awareness05/28/99
331633¢ California Gold Rush06/18/99
30452¢ Red-headed Woodpecker (coil)06/22/99
3317-2033¢ Aquarium Fish, strip of 4 (self-adhesive)06/24/99
3321-433¢ Extreme Sports, 4 diff. (self-adhesive)06/25/99
3325-833¢ American Glass, 4 diff. designs06/29/99
305120¢ Ring-necked Pheasant, die cut 10½ x 1107/xx/99
 a   die cut 10½
b   pane of five, four #3051 and one #3051a
RW66$15 Greater Scaup (water-activated)07/01/99
RW66A$15 Greater Scaup (self-adhesive)07/01/99
294155¢ Justin S. Morrill (self-adhesive)07/17/99
332933¢ James Cagney07/22/99
333055¢ Gen. "Billy" Mitchell (self-adhesive)07/30/99
C13440¢ Rio Grande (Scenic American Landmarks Series)07/30/99
305233¢ Pink Coral Rose (self-adhesive)08/13/99
  a   pane of four
b   pane of five plus label
c   pane of six
d   booklet of 20 plus label
333133¢ Honoring Those Who Served08/16/99
333245¢ Universal Postal Union08/25/99
3333-733¢ Streamlined Trains, 5 diff. designs08/26/99
 3337a   strip of five
333833¢ Frederick Law Olmsted09/12/99
3339-4433¢ Hollywood Composers, 6 diff.09/16/99
318833¢ Celebrate the Century - 1960s09/17/99
  a   Martin Luther King, Jr.
b   Woodstock
c   Man Walks on Moon
d   Green Bay Packers
e   "Star Trek"
f   Peace Corps
g   Vietnam War
h   Ford Mustang
i   Barbie Doll
j   Integrated Circuit
k   Lasers
l   Super Bowl I
m   Peace Symbol
n   Roger Maris
o   the Beatles
3345-5033¢ Broadway Songwriters09/21/99
  3350a   Block of 6
3345   33¢ Ira & George Gershwin
3346   33¢ Lerner & Leowe
3347   33¢ Lorenz Hart
3348   33¢ Rodgers & Hammerstein
3349   33¢ Meredith Willson
3350   33¢ Frank Loesser
335133¢ Insects and Spiders pane of 2010/01/99
  a   Black Widow
b   Elderberry Longhorn
c   Lady Beetle
d   Yellow Garden Spider
e   Dogbane Beetle
f   Flower Fly
g   Assassin Bug
h   Ebony Jewelwing
i   Velvet Ant
j   Monarch Caterpiller
k   Monarch Butterfly
l   Eastern Hercules Beetle
m   Bombardier Beetle
n   Dung Beetle
o   Spotted Water Beetle
p   True Katydid
q   Spinybacked Spider
r   Periodic Cicada
s   Scorpionfly
t   Jumping Spider
O15733¢ Official Mail, coil (100)10/08/99
335322¢ Uncle Sam, coil (water-activated coil of 3000, same design as issue of 11/9/98)10/08/99
335233¢ Hanukkah (self-adhesive)10/08/99
335433¢ NATO10/13/99
335533¢ Madonna and Child10/20/99
  a   pane of 20
335633¢ Deer, red f/pane of 20 w/outer margin selvage10/20/99
335733¢ Deer, blue background10/20/99
335833¢ Deer, purple background10/20/99
335933¢ Deer, green background10/20/99
  3359a   block or strip of #3356-9 (from pane of 20)
336033¢ Deer, red f/booklet pane of 2010/20/99
336133¢ Deer, blue background10/20/99
336233¢ Deer, purple background10/20/99
336333¢ Deer, green background10/20/99
  3363a   booklet pane of 20
336433¢ Deer, red f/booklet pane of 1510/20/99
336533¢ Deer, blue background10/20/99
336633¢ Deer, purple background10/20/99
336733¢ Deer, green background10/20/99
BK276B33¢ Deer booklet of 1510/20/99
  3367a   booklet pane of 15
336833¢ Kwanzaa (self-adhesive)10/29/99
318933¢ Celebrate the Century - 1970s11/18/99
 a   Earth Day
b   "All in the Family"
c   "Sesame Street"
d   disco music
e   Pittsburgh Steelers
f   the Bicentennial
g   Secretariat
h   VCRs
i   Pioneer 10
j   women's rights movement
k   1970s Fashion
l   ABCs "Monday Night Football"
m   Smiley face
n   jumbo jets
o   medical imaging
30311¢ American Kestrel (self-adhesive)11/19/99
336933¢ Year 2000 (self-adhesive)12/27/99
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
(USPS charges 40¢ each for 33¢ envelopes)
U64233¢ Flag, yellow/blue/red (sizes #6¾ and #10)01/11/99
U64333¢ Flag, blue/red (size #9)01/11/99
U64433¢ Love (sizes #6¾ and #10)01/28/99
UO8933¢ Official Mail (size #10)02/22/99
UC6560¢ Voyageurs National Park, Scenic American Landmarks (aerogram)05/15/99
U64533¢ Abraham Lincoln (sizes #6¾ & #10)06/05/99
Postal Cards
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
(USPS now charges 1¢ above face value for postal cards)
UX30020¢ Victorian Love01/28/99
UX30120¢ University of Wisconsin02/05/99
UX30220¢ Washington and Lee University02/11/99
UX30320¢ Redwood Library and Athenaeum03/11/99
UX30420¢ Daffy Duck04/16/99
UX30520¢ Mount Vernon05/14/99
UXC2755¢ Mount Rainier05/15/99
UX30620¢ Block Island Lighthouse07/24/99
UX30720¢ All Aboard! Super Chief08/26/99
UX30820¢ All Aboard! Hiawatha08/26/99
UX30920¢ All Aboard! Daylight08/26/99
UX31020¢ All Aboard! Congressional08/26/99
UX31120¢ All Aboard! 20th Century Limited08/26/99
UX311a20¢ All Aboard! booklet of 2008/26/99
UY4220¢ + 20¢ Block Island Lighthouse reply card11/10/99

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